Rainforest & Country Elopements

Your day, your way

Your celebrant: Lucille Campeanu

Lucille has decades of experience as a celebrant as well as being an accredited trainer of celebrants. She has a warm and personal style and would love to chat with you about your dream elopement and all the ceremony options and ideas she has up her sleeve!
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Your photographers: Vibrant Imaging Portraits & Weddings

Alan and Perri began Vibrant Imaging in 2003 and have been photographing weddings for more than 12 years.
To see examples of their elopement photography, have a look at the blog. If you'd like to see more of their other work, just go to Vibrant Imaging Portraits and Weddings.
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Alan Wain

is one of the principal photographers from Vibrant Imaging. He enjoys being part of such important moments in peoples' lives and especially loves what he can do for them with his Canon camera and telephoto (70 - 200mm) lens. Also loves close-up photography and creating great bokeh. If you don't what that is, just ask him.
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Perri Wain

I'm the other principal photographer with Vibrant Imaging Portraits and Weddings and I'm really thrilled that we've teamed up with Lucille with a focus on elopements. I love being out their photographing such special occasion and I'm good at getting people to relax in front of the camera. I also love editing and the ways I can maximise the artistic and emotional impact of your photos.
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